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Banking and finance software solutions central to launching and running a profitable lending business. Full-scale automation of the lending process. Machine learning for credit scoring.

Loan Software for Banks & Fintechs

HES builds solutions that make lending as automated and optimized as possible with no manual actions and no staff overhead. With a fully automatic front-to-back workflow (leads, applications, loans, borrowers), HES lending platform cuts loan cycle time and costs. The solution is a solid alternative to proprietary loan origination software and in-house development efforts.
100% scalable & automatic Go live in 3 months 100+ integrations with 3rd parties Big Data & AI technology Access to the source code

Lending Solutions with AI and Data Science

HES provides lenders with end-to-end loan management solutions. We cover all aspects of lending from mortgage loan origination software, auto loan servicing software, merchant cash advance software to hard money lending software SME lending platforms. Streamline back-office operations and grow 5x faster than those on competitive platforms.

AI-Powered Credit Scoring System

Harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to build credit scoring models for both consumer and business lending. Churn rate prediction, collection/application scoring, propensity modeling, in-depth analytics.
Build a Model
GiniMachine needs a dataset of at least 1,000 previously issued loans with repaid or overdue status. Without the need for preliminary analysis, the system automatically builds a model using your loan portfolio history.
Validate & Verify
Every time the model is built, GiniMachine automatically generates a detailed validation report. You get full information about the quality of the model: the Gini Index, attributes importance, performance indicators, etc.
Deploy a Model
When the model is built and validated, it can be instantly integrated into your credit scoring process. Deploy it either in the cloud or set up on your own premises via a simple REST API.

Trusted Partner with Banks & Fintechs

HES lending solutions are used by lenders worldwide to better manage the loan lifecycle, save time, streamline internal workflow and reduce costs.
A UK-based online financial (robo) advisor, which provides comprehensive advice on investment, pensions, etc.
A digital finance company specializing in automated payday loan services, and providing customers with short-term loans.
A fintech company implementing an online business model for large markets in South-East Asia.
The largest privately owned bank in Russia, with a subsidiary bank in the Netherlands, and financial subsidiaries in the UK and Cyprus.
A mobile lending platform provider with a strong focus on alternative data analysis, giving instant credits to SMEs and consumers.
Consumer lending and equipment leasing services at the point of sale. Its partner network includes over 2,500 retailers.

Customization & Development

Each lender has a unique set of objectives, requirements, and a vision for their lending platform. HES gives you the utmost flexibility to customize and extend our tailor-made software. All you need to do is take the backbone of the platform, and create a custom lending solution that perfectly fits your business needs. You can adapt fast, and go live in just 90 days!
Dynamic and highly customizable modular architecture.
Configurable workflow to improve process efficiency.
Extensive integrations with over 100 best-in-class 3rd parties.
Flexible product engine features and parameters.

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