HES Lending Software

Full-scale automation of the lending process for banks and fintechs.
Consumer lending P2P & POS Commercial lending
Full-scale automation of the lending
process for banks and fintechs.

Tailored for consumer & commercial
lending, P2P & POS.

Introducing HES

We build lending software that helps reduce the cost and complexity of loan lifecycle management. Our agile and feature-rich architecture provides a unique lending experience for fintech startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, allowing our customers to stay ahead of changing markets and client demands. With a global footprint and a strong portfolio of end-to-end lending solutions, HES has become the #1 fintech product development company in Eastern Europe.
Fit your business needs 100% Go live in 90 days Digital banking 100+ integrations with 3rd parties Big Data & AI technology

GiniMachine — Fighting bad loans with AI

Utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to build credit scoring models for both consumer and business lending.
Build a Model
GiniMachine needs a dataset of at least 1,000 previously issued loans with repaid or overdue status. Without the need for preliminary analysis, the system automatically builds a model using your loan portfolio history.
Validate & Verify
Every time the model is built, GiniMachine automatically generates a detailed validation report. You get full information about the quality of the model: the Gini Index, attributes importance, performance indicators, etc.
Deploy a Model
When the model is built and validated, it can be instantly integrated into your credit scoring process. Deploy it either in the cloud or set up on your own premises via a simple REST API.

Why HES Lending Software?

HES solutions are used by lenders worldwide to better manage the loan lifecycle, save time, streamline internal workflow and reduce costs.
Boris Batin
CEO, MoneyMan
HES has been our reliable technology partner since 2011. Their team have helped us start and get our lending solution going. Thanks to their advice and dedication, we smoothly got to the market with an MVP and started growing our business very quickly. I believe we owe much of our success to the well-architectured solution created by HES. If you are just starting your way in online lending, then this is your software provider.
Alexey Sidorov
CEO, Kredit24
After considering several go-to-market options, we went with HES Lending Platform. We had been looking for a secure software solution to run our multiple workflows in a seamless automated manner with no manual touch. Plus, we wanted the system to be nice and easy to work with for the borrowers. The software created by HiEnd Systems has covered all of our needs - from application to reporting and dashboards.
Vladimir Khovryak
CEO, Euro Groshi
We were looking for a solution to launch a payday lending company in Ukraine and one that could be deployed quickly. The idea behind our business is to bring best international practices of online retail lending to Ukraine’s emerging market and ensure compliance with the EU standards. As a mature loan pipeline solution, HES platform fitted these needs. It took us 10 weeks to go live and start originating hundreds of quality loans per day.
Dmitry Bulavinov
CEO, Prime Zaim
Our company provides short-term consumer loans to individual borrowers across south Russia. The offline legacy software we had been using before was cumbersome and not user-friendly. We started to look for an industry-proven solution that would provide value from automation and will be easier to use. HES built a minimum viable product with an optimal level of automation and aligned it with best industry practices.
Vladimir Pilipenko
CEO, Idea Finance
Our company provides consumer financing and leasing services and collaborates with offline and online retailers. For months we were looking for software that could help us manage and track borrowers and merchandising companies. HES developers and analysts came with the ready technology answers to most of our requirements. The system they have built for us 5x times reduced generation time for each new loan or leasing application.
Roman Bozhyev
CEO, Factory SME
In 2017 we were the first to implement an online lending marketplace for SMEs in Russia. When we were looking for a technical vendor we were lucky enough to come across HES. Having developed similar credit aggregators in South-Eastern Asia, it was clear that they had the expertise we were looking for.

Customization & Development

Each lender has a unique set of objectives, requirements, and a vision for their lending platform. HES gives you the utmost flexibility to customize and extend our tailor-made software. All you need to do is take the backbone of the platform, and create a custom lending solution that perfectly fits your business needs. You can adapt fast, and go live in just 90 days!
Dynamic and highly customizable modular architecture.
Configurable workflow to improve process efficiency.
Extensive integrations with over 100 best-in-class 3rd parties.
Flexible product engine features and parameters.
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