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HiEnd Systems offers bespoke financial technology software development services. Since 2010, we have completed over 55 projects for banks and fintech start-ups, MFIs and public agencies, brokers and traders. We follow industry standard Agile methodologies to ensure quality, speed and cost control. Our domain experience includes but is not limited to:


We value strict professionalism and integrity over anything else. During the course of our five-year history we have completed over 55 projects for financial start-ups and major retail banks, MFIs and public agencies, brokers and traders. Our strength lies in deep understanding of technologies, tools and products in the financial sector.

With vast technological expertise and great experience, we offer the development and integration of a wide range of software solutions and products for finance, including:

  • Credit granting process automation (both online and offline)
  • Online & mobile banking
  • MFI software: loan origination and handling automation
  • Mobile payments and mobile acquiring (mPOS)
  • Banking and investment risk management systems
  • Financial fraud management systems
  • Full integration with every major payment system in the world
  • Rating and scoring modeling
  • Financial pattern recognition and price analysis systems
  • p2p lending platforms

Working on your systems we follow the most up-to-date Agile methodologies to manage projects in the most effective manner. Thus, we are able to fully optimize the development time and cost of your financial software.

About HES

HiEnd Systems (HES) was founded in 2010 by a group of top IT and investment banking managers. Today, we are a team of over 60 experts with vast experience in financial software development.

Our primary focus area lies in IT consulting and software development for financial sector, based on PDS 2.0 methodology.

Since its origination, HES successfully works with established companies and start-ups from the US and Europe. Today, we are proud to be partnered with a number of financial market leaders, such as Equifax, Experian, MoneyMan, and United Credit Bureau (Russia).

We concentrate on open all-encompassing communication to build deep trustworthy relationships with our clients. We constantly improve ourselves and dig deeper to continue building software for dynamic environments of financial sector, where flawless delivery and exceptional quality are paramount.

Our Clients

  • Money Man
  • Portfolio Runner
  • Idea Bank
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    Over the course of our existence we have successfully completed several dozens of projects. Today, most of them effectively work all over the world. Our software products perfect the performance of banks and MFIs, investment and insurance companies, leasing and retail operators, and multiple other organizations.
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